NICE! Rock City Hotel, The Magic Touch to KiDi’s ‘Enjoyment’ Video

In less than 6 months, KiDi’s ‘Enjoyment’ video has garnered over 2 million views and the magic touch to that video was, aside everything else, the location – The Rock City Hotel.

Kidi is one of Ghana’s high-life and afrobeat singer-songwriter. His exemplary mastery of contemporary music has earned his song’s airplay in Africa and around the globe.

Kidi shot his ‘Enjoyment’ music video at one of the largest hotels in Africa. With state of the art facilities, the video stands the chance of winning an award for the category of the best video in Ghana. The video reveals not just an amazing facility but the sight of a cool and comfortable climate.

There was an amazing scene at the standard pool. The exquisite reclining chairs and the water float added to the beauty of the video.

Biggest Underground Nightclub in the world with a capacity of 2000 added up to the extraordinary display of luxury in the video. The lighting works inside the club displayed scenes that are worth admiring in the video.

RockCity Hotel added a touch of class to the song and the luxurious environment correlated well with the meaning of the song. Rockcity is indeed a location that is ideal for relaxation, comfort, and class, the hotel is located at Agogo-Mpraeso Rd, Nkwatia in the Eastern Region.


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