WHERE ARE YOU, NEXT FEMALE GOSPEL STAR? Ireva Songstress Search Is Here!

A new music reality show is here! It is unprecedented, it is innovative and presents a refreshing shift from the norm of music reality shows.

The Ireva Songstress Search (ISS), in collaboration with Hitz 103.9FM and, are looking for the next big female act in the gospel fraternity in the Ghana music industry.

It’s mission is to develop interest and passion among Ghanaian young ladies in gospel music and to further its cultural role in society. Its primary purpose is to elevate the importance and relevance of the feminine touch to Music in Ghana, extracting value commercially, economically, socially, and culturally.

How To Register;

  • Registration of eligible persons who have interest to take their music to the next level (18 years & above)
  • Maiden audition to be held at an acceptable auditorium to select the top 20 female vocalists by a jury
  • Second audition/mini concert to be held at an acceptable time and place, to select the top 3 by a jury
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner ups to receive prizes
  • The jury to decide on who becomes the first Ireva Songstress to be produced by a top sound engineer in Ghana

What is distinct of the ISS is how organizers are going to use social media to power the search for the ultimate winner. 100% online based audition process which includes live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Audition Date;

Audition will be on 29th October, 2017


Surely, there are prize packages for the songstress that would emerge the winner. She goes home with the following;

  • Album/Songs Recording Contract
  • Cash Prize
  • Publicity and Promotions
  • Other giveaways

Audition Forms;

Forms are already being picked up at the premises of Multimedia

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