News of the death of Kojo Antwi is utter rubbish – Management

Ghanaian music gem, Kojo Antwi, is the next celebrity to be reported dead by some section of the media, after the likes of Amakye Dede faced the same ordeal.

News of the death of the legendary musician spread fast on social media, causing a wave of panic and anxiety among his fans and music-loving Ghanaians.

The said news was found to be false and the artist and his management have barked at the said portal that presented the news.

“Kojo is fine and he’s in Ghana. He hasn’t traveled to Germany as the story sought to portray. It’s disgusting how anyone would want his fellow human being dead for no reason. Knowing that what you’re putting out there is untrue and going ahead to do it is crazy, to say the least,” Ransford Antwi, a member of the management for Kojo Antwi, Freedom Family Entertainment stated.

He branded such news as utter rubbish that must be treated with the contempt it deserves.


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