NEGATIVITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I Have Not Hit Anybody – Patapaa Clarifies Accident

Social media has positives but it has telling negatives too and viral hit artist, Patapaa, was next to face the harsh negative reality of social media when news made the rounds that he has hit two (2) people with his car at Legon – read it too!

In a rebuttal, the artist debunked the reports to Andy Dosty on Hitz FM ‘Daybreak Hitz’ – stating that he did not hit anybody as widely reported. Instead, he only hit the back of another car, which had no occupant.

He explained that, his brakes failed him, which caused him to ram into another car, which was dysfunctional and parked on the road.

On whether he suffered any injuries, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker confirmed that, he’s been spitting blood since the accident, as a result of the impact and the effect of the seatbelt.

He also stated that no person sustained any injuries in the said accident.

Reports were rife over the weekend that Patapaa had hit 2 persons with his car and the news did spread fast on social media as it was reported by some established portals, putting the artist in such a bad light.

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