MUST REPENT? Bullet Is Possessed By The Devil; Needs Deliverance-Prophet Kumchacha

Bullet-left, Prophet Kumchacha-right

Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Reverend Prophet Nicholas Osei affectionately called Prophet Kumchacha, seems not to find anything healthy about the works of Ruff Town Records boss Bullet as he has severally chastised him of not being a good manager.

Ghana’s satiric man of God has not only criticized Bullet but went further by describing him as being possessed by the devil and need to be exorcised.

In fact Bullet himself, the devil is using him. He seems to be interested in negative things alone. Bullet is being possessed by the devil.” Kumchacha said.

My advice to Bullet is that he must repent from his sins,” he counseled.

This is not the first time the man of God is attacking Bullet based on his conduct in the music industry since he started grooming artistes.

Some have also chastised Bullet for only managing female artistes.

But responding to all these critics, Bullet has indicated the criticisms are healthy because it makes his artistes famous.

However, according to the man of God, Bullet was behind the indisciplined attitude of the late Ruff Town Records signee Ebony and yet is adding another one by bringing forth Wendy Shay who has also not added anything better to the industry.

Speaking on Abusua Fm on Thursday in an interview monitored by, Prophet Kumcaha chided Bullet he said in the first place did not respect both the sitting and Former Presidents by allowing his artiste Wendy Shay to come out with a “foolish song” like “P3 Hw3”.

If you could allow such a small girl like Wendy Shay to insult both sitting and former Presidents it means you don’t respect.” Kumchacha fumed.

Do you think former President Kufuor is a small boy, or President Mahama. Do you think Nana Addo is a small boy as well?” He quizzed.

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