MOTHERS’ LOVE! Read A Few Sacrifices Medikals’ Mum Had To Do

Medikal with his mum

Porshia Lamptey, the mother of AMG Business rapper Medikal has shared the revealing story about the struggles she had to face with the authorities of almost all the school her son attended at the senior high school level just to see him get a certificate.

The proud mother spoke with Andy Dosty in an interview monitored on Hitz FM earlier this morning. According to her, Medikal was sacked from Odorgonno Senior High School because the authorities of the school at the time felt he was a negative influence on most of the students.

Asked the type of influence the school described as a negative one, madam Porshia Lamptey revealed that Medikal was always rapping and as such, tried very hard to avoid class.

The “Omo Ada” hitmaker’s mother further disclosed that, because she could not bear the thought that her son was going to be dismissed from another after seeing two dismissals already, she was willing to do everything the authorities requested.

As punishment for the bad deeds of her son, the loving mother said she had to sweep the office of the headmaster and all the other offices in the school.

Aside the offices, madam Porshia Lamptey stated that she also swept the whole compound of the school before Medikal was finally allowed to complete Odorgonno Senior High School.

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