MIND YOUR BUSINESS! George Quaye Slams Critics Of Slay Queens

George Quaye

George Quaye, Communications Head for Charterhouse has lashed out at critics who are subjecting popular female celebrities for their varied roles in the industry, including mounting various stages to speak as role models and motivational heads.

Here is what he had to say;

We all have stories to tell in life. We all have tales of where and how we started, where we’ve been and what’s influenced whatever we have become today.

Some of the stories are pretty and inspiring, while others, well…let’s just say they are best untold.

Imagine we all decided to be nuns and priests. Imagine there were no criminals and no crime. Imagine there were no diseases, plagues and epidemics. Imagine we had no natural disasters, accidents, wars and famine. The world should be a better place, no? No!!!!!
You know why? Because there would be no balance. Imagine we were all rich. Imagine we were all smart. What really would be the point of life?
So yes, you happen to be among the privileged few with everything in place for them. Grew up in a great home, got the best of education, got a great job, found a great partner, made a great home! Congratulations! But does that make you better than the one struggling to attain a quarter of what you may have? No! You are no better. You are just privileged. On the plate in the kitchen you may be chicken…respected and appreciated. But rest assured the kontonte and mormoni may also see relevance some day.

Then comes that other aspect of A SLAY QUEEN DARES NOT MOTIVATE! Total BS!

Perception has and will always be a key factor in life. You know her as a prostitute or whatever it is you think you know her for, but to her audience, she’s a hard working young woman with a story to tell!

You see a whore or an airhead of a slay queen; her audience see a star…they see her exploits on tv. They see her achievements. They see everything else you have refused to see because you think you are too perfect!
Funny! Haven’t we seen once upon a time supposedly successful, respected and adored male motivational speakers pursued by security agencies for various malpractices?

Even they qualified to talk at some point! You probably hailed them and still respect them, yet dare say she can’t motivate or inspire because you are so blinded by your ego and hypocrisy to see past the ‘Slay Queen?’ Let them speak! Let them motivate! If their content is crap, blame whoever gave them the platform and failed to take a look at the material before they shared it. But don’t you dare sit in the comfort of an arm chair and think you can determines who should motivate and who shouldn’t! Mind you, some of the greatest female motivational speakers have very very terrible backgrounds and sordid tales to share. So please let them speak! Afterall, I am yet to hear any one of them tell their audience to go be slay queens. Stop judging already! They aren’t idiots! (not all of them at least)

So let’s even say they are everything ‘we’ say they are….Airheads, shameless, lazy and filthy whores. Let’s even assume they are all these and more. Who made them relevant?

Did they come knocking at your door for fame? Did they beg you to friend, follow or add them, like and comment on their posts and possibly save some of their hot photos and videos for later reference when you are alone?

As for some of my colleagues in the media, the least said, the best. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses” Malcom X.

When you choose to make anyone and anything relevant all in the name of eyeballs, likes, following, ticks, views, etc, blame no one when the piper you sorted starts playing the tunes. And when you create stars out of nothing and they choose to do whatever they can to maintain the star status, please shut it!

Don’t you dare take to SM or sit on radio or tv to judge anyone or pretend to be solving a societal ill! You could have chosen to celebrate women doing great things in society but you chose to do otherwise (all in the name of entertainment). Live with it or change your ways….But no matter what you do, let them queens continue to slay in peace!

Afterall, when the wood insect gathers sticks, on its own head it carries them. – Ola Rotimi.

What a grown woman CHOOSES to DO with HER BODY and even HER LIFE is none of your BUSINESS!

I do not know any Slay Queen…I know many women working hard to make ends meet. Yes, I may not know exactly what they do…and yes, I may also wonder how they manage to live the kinds of lives they flaunt, but then again, it’s none of my business! Afterall, there are many men we celebrate in our society who, like some of our ladies, we know absolutely nothing about them beyond what they claim they are or do…and we also know what they claim they do cannot sustain their lifestyles! What should we call those?

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