No Mercy: Kafui Danku’s Marriage Under Scrutiny

The advent and usage of social media has brought celebrities closer to their fans and many followers of entertainment as the public figures get to interact, share their works and daily life activities with the public – but not without a price.



Actress, Kafui Danku is paying the price of stardom as she put her husband and marital life under grave scrutiny by fans and observers when s she posted the photos of her husband for the first time on her personal social network page.

In a publication posted by online portal, over the weekend, the actress shared a profound message and photos as she celebrated the birthday of her expatriate husband, Mr. Kojo Pitcher, as she affectionately calls him.

Ardent readers of the website, as usual, gave their varied opinions on the story with some lashing at the actress for her choice of a partner and questioned her motives for settling with a man of his age.

Some readers supported the actress for proudly showing off her husband and commended for living a very fruitful and happy life. Below are some of the comments sampled from visitors to the website:

“Shameless and distasteful! You’ve clearly exposed your cheapness and inferiority by dating an old European just for money, money, money! Bunch of disgraceful, empty-headed and talentless so-called ”celebrities” who do nothing but travel around to drain money from their white and Arabian sugar daddies. What a bad example for the Ghanaian youth to follow!” From RAGE

“Aww they look so good together! Too cute! Wonder why others are hating? Age is just a number, if he loves her and she loves him, what’s your problem?” From Queen Ekuba

“Gosh, some people are too quick to judge! The girl is happy and even proud to show her man to the world! What’s with the age??? I don’t think as an adult as she is, anyone forced her to marry the man. Look like most Africans are quick to judge and criticize interracial marriages and relationship .Let her be.” From Kanewu

“One thing I would like to emphasis on it is that, after the old white men play with you in your youthful years, make sure you stay away from our Ghanaian men. Some of these Ghanaian celebrities; either they are too cheap or just pure dumb. I will rather be married to old black man than wrinkled and saggy old white man.” From Maame.

“Age is just a number, indeed! Do you know the sole purpose behind her marriage to an old white European? All I can think of is money, nothing else! Besides, your over-tolerance of such shameful acts is something Ghanaians don’t take lightly.” From Stripped.

The actress, who has independently produced two movies, is putting finishing touches to her upcoming release, ‘Happy Deathday’ which will be premiered on 14th November 2014 at the Silver Bird Cinemas.

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