MERCY! 108 Ghanaians & Liberians deported from US in chains

Over 100 Ghanaians and Liberians deported from the United States of America were engaged in a stand-off with US officials at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra after they arrived in the country on Wednesday.

Kobina Welsing of’ s reports that,  the deportees who arrived on a chartered flight refused to disembark from a plane that had brought them to the Kotoka International Airport, accusing the US officials of inhumane treatment meted out to them.

Some of the deportees who had reportedly served jail terms in the US for various offences including drug trafficking demanded that they be sent back to the US.

Others were also deported for staying illegally, over staying their permits and other crimes. The deportees accused the US officials of putting hand and ankle cuffs on them and curtailing their movement on the flight.

Some of them said they had been detained since last Thursday from Pennsylvania and continued to wear cuffs even on the plane.The deportees also stated that they refused to disembark because they wanted to come out with the cuffs for the public to witness the “inhumane” treatment meted out to them.

Immigration officials, however, managed to convince them to disembark and at about 11am, some of them came out of the airport building.

Some of the deportees who claimed they had been picked up in their homes during a raid on illegal immigrants in their states, explained that they were not criminals.

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