I Made My Marriage Private Because I Am A Christian, Not A Carnal Christian -Trigmatic

Musician/on-air-personality, Trigmatic, is not the first celebrity to keep his marriage on a very low key and without any public participation, but his reasoning behind the move is quite astounding can state!

As monitored by this portal,, Trigmatic was explaining to KMJ on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz 103.9FM why he decided not to let the public in on his nuptials.

“I am a christian, not a carnal christian,” was his response to why he kept his marriage off public knowledge.

He went on to explain;

“There was no point in showcasing the fact that I was getting married. I chose to invite close friends and family and the friends are industry friends.”

He also stated that, he knew eventually the news of his marriage will make the rounds because invited persons  would take pictures and share them.

Trigmatic got married to his girlfriend, Edith Schandorf  in a private ceremony over the weekend.

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