LOYALTY? It Was Good Bola Ray Came Out To Speak – KOD

In the last couple of days, CEO for EIB Network, Bola Ray, has come under some severe backlash over his commentary at the 2019 iYES Conference about the difficulties his firm has gone through and the heartbreak of seeing some of his employees leave during the crisis.

In the midst of the hoopla, one ‘loyal’ employee has braced out of the torrent of negativity to hold brief for him. Speaking to Andy Dosty on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz FM and monitored by, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), stated that, it was good that Bola Ray came out to speak.

“It was good he came out to speak, it was an ice breaker,” he said.

KOD also talked of how critical the situation of employees not being paid for those 7 months was, which prompted Bola to call his (KOD’s) wife to explain the situation and to ‘plead’ with her to understand.

On why he continued to stay despite the lack of payment, he expressed that it was a torrid situation which compelled him to dip his hands in the coffers of his Nineteen57 project, however, he believes in loyalty and for someone who stayed at one firm, Radio Gold, for 18 or so years, it was not difficult for him to manage the tide and stay loyal.

KOD’s Nineteen57 Unit presents the 2019 edition of ‘Rhytms On Da Runway’ show, which comes off at the Osu Castle this Saturday, August 31, 2019 and features the best of fashion models and musicians in Ghana and beyond.



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