Lose The Weight: Beyonce’ Tells Jay-Z

Beyoncé and Jay Z finished their ‘On The Run’ tour in September, and have been traveling and relaxing in Europe—even partying and dining with fellow celebs. But Jay may be relaxing a little too much for Bey’s standards.

A source told exclusively that Beyoncé has ordered her husband to “lose 20lbs” immediately because she is not happy with his figure—and is worried about his health!

“She’s so over his size and thinks it’s ridiculous that he doesn’t take care of his health,” the insider told OK! “She’s worried about his cholesterol, his blood pressure, everything, and wants him to lose weight urgently.”

Jay is “very inactive,” the source said, because he “spends hours in the studio or in his office.” And even during the couple’s tour or his own shows, Jay Z is “not the type of performer to jump about dancing like she does.”

Queen Bey has already taken measures to get him back in tip-top shape, like putting him on her vegan cleanse, which the rapper blogged about last year. But despite Bey’s efforts, the insider said this time around, Jay “cheated all the way through it.”

The insider said Beyoncé has also looked to other ways to inspire her hubby to drop the pounds that don’t include diet or fitness.
“She’s even told him he’s turning her off sexually, just to get him motivated.”

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