LOL AND LOL AGAIN? Fella Makafui’s Wine Shop Shut Down By Angry Boyfriend

This is Fella Makafui!

“The wine shop of popular Yolo actress Fela Makafui has been shut down by her alleged boyfriend, a source close to the actress has told

According to multiple sources, the Accra-based boyfriend of the actress is upset over her recent lifestyle and lack of attention for their relationship.

The actress is reported to have suddenly withdrawn attention for the boyfriend, whom she has dated for some five years now, even though he rented her current three-bedroom apartment for her.

Me: Hehehehe! As I always say, all these girls are living lavishly in some men’s pocket—ashawobrities!

And they will come on social media to be running their lips!

A picture of angry boyfriend emptying the shop

By Deborah Kotei

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