HER LINE OF THINKING! There Is Nothing Like Heaven Or Hell After Death-Sister Deborah

Sister Deborah

Singer and model Deborah Vanessa, better known as Sister Deborah, has stirred controversy after stating that there is nothing like heaven or hell after death. reports!

The TV presenter believes the idea that one is bound to go to heaven or hell after death is neither here nor there.

According to her, the cycle of life begins with birth and ends with death, insisting there is nothing else after that.

Sister Deborah made this known when she appeared as a guest on the EWITHBECKS show on Joy Prime.

I don’t believe in heaven or hell…I believe that when you die, it is the same feeling as when you were conceived,” she remarked.

She further stated that she has never harbored fears about judgement because such thoughts do not even cross her mind.

According to her, she is not bothered when people suggest she could end up in hell for her extreme lifestyle.

Sister Deborah’s comments are bound to court controversy, as many members of the Ghanaian society hold contrary views.

The singer was also in the news some weeks back after she released semi-nude photos on social media.

Despite being criticized for her actions; she explained that as someone who likes to come up with creative concepts in her music career to challenge herself, she thought it best to do such a video before her body starts getting all wrinkled.

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