LIFT FOR DANCE! Ghana To Get A Dance Studio Soon, Dance Festival Too

As a kid, Tiffany Keys was highly influenced by prolific entertainers like Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul and it was just not about their singing prowess; it was their dancing skill that wowed her.

Dance ultimately became part of the life of Ms. Keys, who now wants to channel that affection into promoting the art form across the world.

In partnership with famed Ghanaian dancer and choreographer, Usher Frimpong Moses, popularly called Usher1Baby – Ms. Keys’ U Dance Arts International (UDAI), a US-based dance company is on a mission to elevate dance across the globe.

Tiffany Keys

The company has over the years been engaged in promotion of dance productions, theater dance, music videos and organizing dance related events throughout the United States of America.

UDAI has disclosed plans to set up dance studios in some African countries including Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

Ghana, according to the company would be the first country to see the establishment of the dance studio and Ms. Keys explains why;

“Ghana opened its doors to the folks in the diaspora with the ‘Year of Return’ project and that was an amazing initiative – giving African Americans the opportunity to trace and experience their roots.”

She also indicated that the relegation of dance and dancers in the country is another reason for the Company’s resolve to build a dance studio in the country to offer dancers a home as well as create job opportunities.

According to Ms. Keys, the processes of establishing the dance studio have already started in earnest with issues of timing and funding being the crux of the planning.

UDAI also has plans of bringing the Afro Dance Heritage Festival, one of the biggest dance festivals in the USA to Ghana.

The second edition of the annual Afro Dance Heritage Festival is scheduled for July 21st and 24th, 2022 in Miami, Florida.

“The festival celebrates African culture. People forget that there are so many cultures in African dance and one of the aims of the festival is to exhibit these roots of the different cultures in the dance and their origins,” Ms. Tiffany Keys explained.

The festival is open to all dancers and dance groups across the world that can get in via the following;

website: or social media handles: @afrodanceheritagefest and @udancearts_int.

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