SHE LIED! Management Asked Her To Come Out As A Lesbian-Abena Ghana

Cecilia Koramoah aka Abena Ghana

There was fire and brimstone on the Time With Tracey Show over the weekend when Kumawood actress and showbiz personality Cecilia Koramoah popularly known as Abena Ghana took her turn to be interviewed. noted!

Tracey Boakye asked her all about her alleged lesbianism and she made startling revelations.

Readers will recall Abena Ghana once confessed that she was a lesbian and that she does not feel shy to tell the world about it no matter the consequence as she was about to be blackmailed with it.

Speaking on Hello FMs Entertainment show last year with Dave Hammer in Kumasi, the beautiful actress said she used to practice lesbianism but stopped three years ago – and that her husband is aware of her past sexual orientation. “My husband is aware of that. Yes he knows that I was a lesbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He also said even if I had once stood on the streets as a hawker, he likes me as I am.”

However, speaking to Tracey Boakye on the Time With Tracey Show, Abena Ghana said her comments on being Lesbian was a management decision and she just went along with it and said what she was supposed to say.

Time With Tracey Show is no-hold-barred interview with Tracey Boakye in which guests are to speak the truth to issues no matter how uncomfortable.

Watch the interview below:

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