LESSON LEARNT! I No Longer Perform Songs By Daddy Lumba-Daddy Lumba Junior

Daddy Lumba (left) Daddy Lumba Junior (right)

Highlife musician Kwame Anokye, widely known as Daddy Lumba Junior, who recently changed his name following a recent suit filed by Daddy Lumba against him for impersonation says he no longer perform songs by the celebrated highlife musician. reported!

In an exclusive interview with GH Entertainment Show Host, Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, ‘Kwame Supremo,’ said he currently perform his own songs at events he is invited to.

According to the young artiste who says he takes inspiration from Daddy Lumba, explained he decided to change his name to avoid the wrath of his ‘godfather.’ When the host suggested to him that his new name may not make him popular like the Daddy Lumba Junior, he said, ‘’I have decided to adopt the new name and I believe the new name will give me a new identity.’’

Kwame Supremo is known for his songs ‘Befa Me’, ‘Nefri Nea Efire’ and ‘Hye Wo Ho Den’, ‘Krom Aye De’, among others.

On January 17, 2018, Daddy Lumba filed a lawsuit at the Accra High Court alleging that Kwame Anokye also known as DL Junior, had claimed to be his son and even impersonated him to get gifts from people.

He further alleged that Anokye had a history of impersonating him since his appearance in 2010 on a TV-Africa-produced reality show, ‘Just Like You’.

The plaintiff stated that the name Daddy Lumba exclusively refers to him within the music industry and that the defendant’s imitation and misrepresentation has affected his reputation, business and goodwill and the brand as a whole.

The case is still in pending in court even though DL Junior (now Anokye Supremo) has sent a delegation of music stakeholders to plead with Daddy Lumba to withdraw the case from court.

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