LAWYER 1! Read How Yvonne Okoro Dealt With A Cyber Bully

Yvonne Okoro

Many a time, celebrities fall victim of cyber bullying as social media users or fans tend to criticize them for no reason. has only observed!

The very recent happened with actress Chinyere Yvonne Okoro. She  didn’t take it lightly and blasted a fan for comparing her to her colleague actress, Juliet Ibrahim by saying that the later is far better than her .

Yvonne Okoro who shared a gorgeous photo of herself on her instagram page least expected such a comment from her fan .

The fan with the username as @aminu831 wrote:

“Yvonnneokoro, you are sorry. Because you aren’t performing now, Juliet Ibrahim she’s doing her job well, inside Ghana and Nigeria,precisely she covered everything all, her savage and innuendos during movies and advertisements shows characterize. Now, try to do your best maybe you may reach her. But isn’t handy is difficult.”

Clearly Yvonne Okoro got infuriated by the comment and descended heavily on him and called the fan “a little man” for such an immature statement.

Yvonne Okoro wrote: “yvonneokoro: “@aminu831 u make no sense at all.I just finished my LLB(law)..Let tht sink in little man.”

The comment from the “little man” has since caused a frenzy on instagram with many of the fans of Yvonne Okoro angrily condemning the “Little man” for his unfortunate comment.

The little man virtually attacks anyone who defends Yvonne Okoro .

Social media and its wahala!

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