The Latest Sarkodie News For Fans Who Just Can’t Keep Up


Wondering what Sarkodie has been up to? Well, he is always on the move to bear the fruit of success and to mystify his fans with what he has coming up next.

Sakodie never stops surprising us with his new songs and neither will stop keeping you updated!

The 29 year old famous rapper, is known to rap in his local dialect which is Twi. This has left many people in wonder since only Twi speakers understand his message. In spite of this, he makes known that, delivering his lyrics in any other language only dilutes his message. He itches not to be known to impress the world but to be felt by people through his music.

‘Check Your Pay’, his new song which was released on February 24 this year, has carried massive YouTube views. It is a feel-good music and is dedicated to individuals who are slender. As a fan, you have to download to show you appreciate him!

According to Forbes, Sarkodie’s latest net worth is approximately $7 million. It is a huge earn, but how well does he spend it? His daily activities makes known how successful his career is.

Currently Sarkodie owns a luxury multi-million house in UK with an approximate worth of $250,000. His exotic customized sleek cars include: Range Rover, and his now new Bugatti also worth millions of dollars.

The unverified information that has been ongoing is whether or not Sarkodie is illuminate. In the talk show, ‘The Hard Truth’, Sarkoie told the host, Akosua Konadu that he is not illuminati. He further made know that, he is flattered that people think that talent is not enough.

Story By Deborah Kotei

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