‘KRO KRO THE JON!’ Thank You, Minister Of Tourism – Film Task Team Writes

Just days after the reading of the 2019 Budget, where the same old promises were made to the Creative Industry, the Film Task Team, a team formed by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture and led by George Bosompim, have penned what would call, a flattery letter – which extols the Minister for what they claim are achievements thus far in her tenure;

Below is the unedited press statement;


The Film Task Team, comprising all Film Stakeholders in our beloved nation, Ghana, setup by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture to work on a Legislative Instrument for Film Law, Act 935 on behalf of all film industry stakeholders in Ghana wishes to thank and congratulate our hardworking and well meaning sector Minister, Honourable Catherine Abelema Afeku, for the great work done, so far, for the industry under her leadership.

The Film Task Team received enormous support from the Hon. Minister in the wake of our work in drafting of a Legislative Instrument for the Development and Classification of Film Law, Act 935. She further facilitated a meeting with the Finance Minister for a cross section of individuals and organizations from the film industry to put before the Finance Minister and his team, challenges bedeviling the film industry. This meeting tackled a series of issues which included the recent tax issues that the sector has been saddled with by the Ghana Revenue Authority.

This meeting has gotten the film industry, for the first time in the history of this nation, to be captured in the national budget statement presented to Ghanaians through the Parliament of Ghana by the Finance Minister on Thursday 15th November, 2018.

The Task Team is most thankful to the Finance Minister and the Government for accepting and incorporating a proposal by the Film Task Team, on behalf of all stakeholders in the Film Industry, which was presented through our Minister, Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku, to the Finance Ministry. The document resulted in the following needs being considered and captured into the 2019 National Budget Statement:

1. Establishment of a functional Secretariat for the National Film Authority (NFA)

2. Support for Legislative Instrument and Film Policy to be sent to Parliament for consideration and passage into Law.

3. Support for Capacity building and stakeholders engagement workshops across the country.

4. Establishment of Ultra modern National Film Studios.

5. Construction of a National Film Arts Village.

The Film Task Team further thanks Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku for her hardwork and dedication to the entire Tourism, Arts and Culture sector, resulting in the Ministry getting a $40 million grant facility from the World Bank. This is the largest support ever granted since the establishment of the Ministry. We trust that with Hon Catherine Abelema Afeku still at the helm of affairs at our ministry, many more good things will happen to the sector to enable it contribute greatly to the national economy as experienced in many countries around the world.

We are, by this, expectantly praying that the physical establishment of the National Secretariat of the National Film Authority be commissioned before the end of December, 2018. This would enable us start implementing all great ideas to help build the film industry of Ghana and to contribute to the Gross National Product and the development of Ghana.

Hon. Catherine Afeku, on behalf of all Film Stakeholders, we say a very big thank you to you and want to assure you and the Government of Ghana of our unflinching resolve to support all your efforts that are geared towards the development of Film in Ghana.


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