DID KOJO ANTWI TELL LIES? Nana Yaa Quashes His Claims About Trying To Help Her Career

Nana Yaa

Turns out the singer is traumatized at claims made the by music legend Kojo Antwi about all he said, trying to help her launch a successful solo musical career. has noted!

Kojo Antwi, also known as Mr Music Man let out on Daybreak Hitz FM with Andy Dosty that, he attempted on so many occasions to produce an entire album for the singer Nana Yaa, but the people around her then, hindered all toil he was going through for her sake.

He stated, “If you speak to Nana Yaa she will tell you. Many times I call and I say, Nana, I want to write a whole album for you, produce it, just sit back and sing.”

Kojo Antwi and Nana Yaa

However, the singer, speaking to Hitz FM’s Doreen Avio for the Hitz News @ 1, Nana Yaa, expressing shock, explained that it would not make sense to reject such an offer from a musician of his caliber.

“This a big shock to me. The platform that Kojo Antwi has given to me from when I started singing professionally is huge, and I always give him credit for it. Do you think I would have refused somebody like Kojo if he had come to me and said, ‘Nana, I want to do this with you, I want to help you’, do you think I would have said no to that?” she put across.

The “Honey” singer further revealed that, though he had mentioned to her certain project plans before, Kojo Antwi had never specifically made an offer to create an entire album for her as he claimed.

“He’s spoken to me about some few ideas about things he wanted to do, it was like in passing, that was it. He didn’t mention it anymore. He never called me and said ‘Nana, I want you to come to the studio,’” she disclosed.

“If there’s something and he wants to come to me or whatever, there’s no one around me or in my life that Kojo would have a problem with because everyone around me and everyone that’s ever been around me, Kojo knows and he’s cool with them,” Nana Yaa said.

The daughter of the highlife legend, Pat Thomas probed further to say that, if ever the music maestro, Kojo Antwi, wanted to give her a helping hand in her music career, he would not have to go through any management. Quashing all claims he aired about the bad influence of the people around her.

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