KOFI ASAMOAH LIED? South African Film Director Calls ‘John & John’ A Rip-Off Of His Original Work

When celebrated Ghanaian film director, Kofi Asamoah, released the movie, ‘John & John’ in April this year, it received rave reviews and was said to have been the biggest grossing movie in relation to premieres, but the release also came with some controversy over the originality of the movie – can state!

Questions were raised over the striking similarities of the film’s concept and script to the award-winning South African film, ‘Skeem’ – which was directed by Tim Greene.

Tim Greene

In response to concerns of a possible copyright infringement, Kofi Asamoah rebuffed all questions of he copying the ‘Skeem’ movie and even went ahead to state that he got the blessing of Tim Greene to shoot the Ghanaian version, ‘John & John’.

Speaking on GhOne TV’s ‘Pundits’ show a couple of months ago which was monitored by, Kofi Asamoah stated emphatically that, he sought permission from Tim Greene to shoot his Ghanaian version when the two met at a film festival in South Africa.

However, in a bizarre twist to the story, Tim Greene, has come out to rubbish the claims of the Ghanaian producer, stating that, he does not know the Ghanaian and have not met him before.

In a social media post, Tim Greene, addressed the issue, calling ‘John & John’ a rip-of his original work, ‘Skeem’.

He wrote:

“This is insane! Turns out Ghana’s biggest movie this year is a word-for-word rip-off of our movie ‘Skeem.”

When inquired if he had reached out to Kofi Asamoah, he responded that, his team had sent Kofas Media a letter to inform them of the infringement but they are yet to get a response.

The trailers of ‘Skeem’ and ‘John & John’;

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