WHERE IS KMJ? There Are Plans To Replace Him With Andy Dosty On ‘DayBreak Hitz’ On Hitz FM?

There’s some purported tension brewing at Hitz, 103.9FM, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group Ltd – is learning!

Sources close to the station assert that, some key Management members and senior presenters at the station are scheming to take the regular host, Kleff Maxwell, popularly known as KMJ, off the show and replace him with Andy Dosty.

KMJ has been off the show for the past 3 weeks due to an ailment that got him hospitalized and Andy Dosty, the regular host of the midmorning show, ‘Music Box’ had to sit in for him.

Speculations are rife that, after few weeks of KMJ’s absence, there are plans to establish Andy Dosty as the new host of arguably the most-listened-to show on Hitz FM.

Interestingly, avid fans of Hitz FM and the ‘DayBreak Hitz’ show are on the social media platforms of the station, seeking the whereabouts of KMJ and clamouring for his return.

Andy Dosty reached out to the Programmes Director of Hitz FM, Mark Okraku Mantey to ascertain if there’s any shred of authenticity in the speculation which is making rounds at the station and spilling over to the public.

Mark stated that, there’s no truth in the news that KMJ would be replaced, however, some elements within the Station and on the show, have come to love the more experienced Andy Dosty as host and would love the idea of him being made the permanent host.

He went on to state, that, there’s also massive feedback from the listening public, especially the ardent and discerning listeners of the show, who want KMJ back, so, it would be wise for his unit to assess the situation before coming up with a decision.

Mark Okraku Mantey – Programmes Director

This portal also reached out to KMJ, who has recovered from his ailment to check if he’s heard any theory that he’s being replaced with Andy Dosty. He stated that he’s not aware of any move to replace him on the show and as far as he’s concerned, he is resuming next week and expects to take over the show unless told otherwise.

‘DayBreak Hitz’ on Hitz 103.9FM is on from Monday to Friday,6am to 10am.

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