KIND-HEARTED WOMAN! Stephanie Benson Discloses The Number Of People She Looks After

Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian singer, Stephanie Benson has given a rough figure indicating the number of people she takes care of in Ghana. The singer who refuses to grow is known to be full of herself hence, coming as a surprise to many about her good deeds. monitored!

Stephanie Benson goes to the extend of taking care of mothers with breast cancer and paying their bills as well.

Also, in the UK, she has a number of British Africans who need help so she extends a helping hand there.

According to her, she has a charity she named “Early Signs of Breast Cancer.”

Further, in her conversation with Zionfelix on the Celerbrity Ride Show, she revealed that, she has up and coming musicians she is grooming. When asked whether or not she was grooming them to become like her, she clearly responded saying; “I am grooming them not to become like me but to become like them.”

The beautiful mother of five biological children and over fifteen others said that, anybody who loves her music should just stick to loving her music and forget about emulating her life since taking care of five kids is a hell of a job many people cannot do.

Stephanie Benson, who has been a musician and songwriter for 27 years ended her interaction advising young ones out there to live their life the way they want it and not try to emulate people, especially her simply because she is a crazy character.

Watch the full interview below…

By Deborah Kotei

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