KEEP HATING! Go Drink Acid If You Doubt I’m Building 7-bedroom For My Mum-Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui

Actress Fella Makafui has asked a follower who called her a liar to go and drink acid if he/she does not believe she is building a seven bedroom house for her mother. reported!

A follower on Instagram with the Instagram username, attackkingdom expressed doubts about the fact that Fella Makafui was building a seven-bedroom house for her mother.

According to the follower, she cannot make such a huge investment considering the fact that she has not been in the industry for long.

In replying the follower, Fella Makafui indicated that her followers have inspired her to greatness but mentioned that If the follower does not believe in her he/she should go and take acid.

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