IT’S JOSELYN AGAIN OO! Joselyn Dumas To Host 3Music Awards This Sat?

Ordinarily, any other events organizer would have cut dies or blacklisted a partner for denting their reputation in the public domain over some business gone awry; not those handlers of 3Music Awards, who are said to fall on TV presenter/actress/host,  Joselyn Dumas for hosting duties at the 2nd edition of awards, slated for tomorrow at the Fantasy Dome.

Last year, Joselyn took to her Twitter handle to vent her displeasure, claiming that 3Music Awards had not paid her after she fulfilled her part of the deal.

“Dear @3musicAwards when you hire the service of a talent and you agree on a payment, you honour your end of the bargain as I honoured mine. No one works for free.”

After weeks of the matter being played out in the media space, the actress/host took to twitter again to thank them, ostensibly after being paid her money.

“I’m glad we’ve settled this. @3musicAwards thank you.”

Fast-track to hours to the highly anticipated 2nd edition of the awards and has reliable information that barring any last gap changes, Joselyn Dumas would be, once again, the official co-host for the event -joining Lexis Bill and possibly actor, James Gardiner! MzGee of Multimedia fame is expected to handle the pre-show event.

A long list of celebrated artists are expected to mount the stage tomorrow for what expects to be one of the biggest nights for the music industry.

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