INTERESTING! Reggie N’ Bollie’s Ghc17, 000 From Fan Milk: GHAMRO Says They Have the Right to Collect The Money


Things are getting quite murky at the Offices of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) as accusations of lack of transparency and accountability are being hurled by members to the Board and Management of the firm.

While figuring out a way to bring some tranquility to the organization, another controversy is set to hit, this time, from persons who are not in Ghana and not even registered members of the organization – can state!

UK-based Ghanaian music group, Reggie N’ Bollie is accusing GHAMRO of collecting and pocketing an amount of GHc17, 000 on their behalf from Fan Milk Ghana Ltd without their knowledge.

A representative for the group told that, Fan Milk used ‘New Girl’, a song by Reggie N’ Bollie for the ‘Fandango’ commercial without their consent.


The group, via their legal team, queried Fan Milk, which initially stated that, the use of the song was the responsibility of the Advertising Agency, Dela & Amankwah – the firm that supervised the shooting of the commercial.

Later, the company told the group that, they tried to reach them (Reggie N’ Bollie) but after not getting any response, they went to GHAMRO to get clearance for the use of the song in the commercial.

GHAMRO is said to have granted the permission for the use of the song and collected an amount of Ghc 17,000 from Fan Milk Company in October 2016.

Reggie N’ Bollie claim that they are going to court over the matter.

ghamro reached out to the GHAMRO Office for some clarification on the matter.

The Administrator for GHAMRO, Mr. Abraham Adjetey, stated that, the organization has the rights under Act 690 to license and collect money for the use of the song by Reggie N’ Bollie.

According to him, GHAMRO’s core mandate is to protect the rights of the music owners and under the Universal Copyright Convention and CISAC Rules, the organization has the authority to issue synchronization license for the use of the song and collect money on behalf of the performers, producers and writers of the song.

The ‘New Girl’ song was written by the following; Nathan Cunningham, Marc Sibley, Cleo Tighe, Pablo Bowman, Daniel Boyle, Sarah Blanchard, Ammar Malik, Hohn Theodore Geiger II, Tom Barnes and Peter Kelleher.

The song was produced by the following; Iain James, LDN Noise, Afterhrs and Space Primates, under Simon Cowell’s Syco Label.

Mr. Adjetey claims that, the money collected belongs to all the above-mentioned names including Reggie N’ Bollie, who are the performers of the song.

When asked the reason the money was collected in October but the artists are not aware, he responded that, the Licensing Officer at GHAMRO has tried connecting to the artists since the song was licensed for use.

Mr. Adjetey also suggested that, when Reggie N’ Bollie presents all the necessary documentation to the Office on their role(s) in the making of the song, their part of the money will be disbursed to them.


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