INTERESTING! Here Is Why Kwame Oboadie Can’t Be A Doctor

Kwame Oboadie

Comical broadcaster on Adom FM, Kwame Oboadie has explained why he cannot be a doctor and why it never occurred to him to choose it as a profession.

According to him, being a doctor comes with a lot of temptations especially in treating female patients which he does not have the heart to resist.

I can’t be a doctor because I will always be tempted when I have to treat female patients. Because of that, I never liked science when I was in school,” he confessed on ‘Dwaso Nsem.’

“Imagine that I have to inject someone like Moesha Buduong, I just will not be able to deal with that…I will tremble until the syringe falls from my hands.”

He said being a doctor is a calling lauding the good doctors who are able to treat female patients and not get tempted but.

“Since it is not my profession, I may not be able to withstand the temptations it may come with because I know myself. Being able to know who you are and what goes well with you and what doesn’t may help you live longer,” he advised.


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