INNOVATIVE! Ministry of Information Launches ‘Amplified’ Project

The Ministry of Information has officially launched the initiative, ‘Amplified’ – an avenue to give projection and support for young entrepreneurs and laudable social causes.

The Minister of Information, Mr Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, who launched the project in Accra yesterday, described it as a social marketing project that would leverage the growing followership of the ministry’s social media handles to showcase the innovations of entrepreneurs in the country.

He said the project was divided into three categories — Amplified Business, Amplified Success and Amplified Social.

Amplified Concept Note

Between 2017 and 2020, the Ministry of Information invested heavily in growing its social media channels to support government communication. By 2020, the Ministry had a combined 1.2 million subscribers who directly received content from its new media handles.

As a result, the Ministry has been exploring ways it can use this large social media following to serve the Ghanaian public in ways beyond Government communication.

Amplified is a series of social marketing programs that are focused on using the New Media leverage of the Ministry of Information and association of program partners to support the work of young Ghanaians and to aid them in reaching larger audiences with;

  • Entrepreneurial products/services
  • Social causes
  • Youth mentorship and inspiring stories

The vision is that by amplifying these activities, we can help entrepreneurs reach larger markets with their goods and services which is expected to increase demand for their products and profit margin as well.

By amplifying selected social causes, we expect increased support for social causes by the greater Ghanaian society, for our greater good.

By amplifying selected mentoring and inspiring stories, we expect more Ghanaian youth to aspire to excel and to do so with the right set of values.

Amplifed Business

Amplified Business will highlight products and services of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs doing business in Ghana.

This is a collaborative drive by the Ministry of Information and  Ministry of Trade to highlight products and services of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs doing business in Ghana. This strategic approach is to enhance the market penetration efforts by these entrepreneurs in the face of keen competition from global companies.

It will be officially rolled out on July 1, 2021, and the ministry has, therefore, encouraged the public to nominate entrepreneurs or social initiatives by visiting

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