INNOVATION! Geddit Ghana & Actor, Kalybos Start Quality Initiative

It’s no secret that the richest entertainers in the world do not make their money solely from their main or original craft but from other ventures; from Jay Z to Diddy to Rihanna to Dr. Dre – and Ghanaian actor, Kalybos, is taking such a cue – has observed with some enchantment.

The actor has taken such a bold step to invest in a new digital marketing app, Geddit, and is complementing his association with the brand by assuming the role as Geddit Ghana Brand Ambassador.

Speaking at the press conference held over the week at Golden Tulip hotel, the comedian said – “Geddit is a platform that helps you to get closer to brands, businesses and products.”

He went on to explain, “What you see on the Geddit platform are towers that represent brands, products, businesses, goods and whatever you want to sell to the public. As a customer or consumer, you get unto that platform to play and win prizes from there.”

He also revealed when Geddit was pitched, he made some inquiries and realized it was of a great benefit not just to him but business owners who want to get their brands to the ordinary people at home. Also, consumers do not only spend time playing the game but also enjoy the fruits of their work, while being given the chance to meet new businesses and products.

“When it comes to brand influencing there’s a lot that goes into it but this time around we want to take it a step forward. We will try to fit into whatever brand we influence on Geddit Ghana. Because I’m an actor, I will put it to my fellow actors and the industry team,” he added.

Also present at the event was CEO of Geddit Ghana, Jeffter Kwaah, as well as fellow actors such as John Dumelo, James Gardiner, Bismark Odoi and others.

Geddit Ghana Limited is a company incorporated under the Ghana Company’s Act 1963, Act179 in the year 2019, with immense knowledge in digital marketing. The company owns ‘Geddit’, a new entertainment marketing platform. Geddit is a revolution within digital marketing, it is a gamified marketing tool incorporated with the primary target of helping businesses generate stores or online traffic and connect with customers and brands. The mission of the company is to work closely with companies, business owners both individuals and corporate, SMEs to improve the quality of the marketing process by providing user-friendly education for increased patronage of advertising and marketing software especially entertainment and marketing.

The company’s vision is to make Geddit become a premium and premiere digital marketing tool in Ghana, Africa and the World at large, with a name equal with quality, perfection and innovation. Geddit has been used as a study case for over 400 brands across the globe.

We intend to grow to have a footprint spanning the continent, providing our clients with cross-continental services and products that separate their marketing efforts from their competitors.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond client and customer experiential to the quality of the app product, to inspire customer loyalty, we build relationships, anticipate and deter problems, honour ourselves as a great medium between our Clients and their Customers and serve as an integral part of our customer’s team of advertising choices.

With Geddit everyone can play, anyone can win, a Client using the Geddit platform, is to mount its own tower for advertisement or marketing with enticing prices or packages to engage its consumers or customers, this tower could either be the Geo Tower, the Pop-Up Tower or Both as a marketing drive for clients.

The Geo Tower allows a Client to mount a virtual tower within a radius to engage consumers, thus, when the Client wants to direct its consumers or customers to a specific location for an event i.e. activations, concerts etc., however with the Pop- Up Tower, consumers or customers can have access to Client`s advertisement respective of their location, consumers can also play anywhere and win themselves real prizes.

To make Geddit more interesting and enticing to Consumers, Geddit in collaboration with its partners will be giving out massive mouth-watering prizes monthly, quarterly and yearly. A consumer is required to keep playing Geddits, gather points which gives him/her a chance to win the monthly, quarterly or yearly prizes.

Geddit App can also be customized or tailor-made to a game that suits a Client`s reference upon request. We can also direct traffic to a Client`s webpage to enhance brand awareness.

With Geddit every participant is a winner, thus the actual winner and the remaining participants will receive text messages thanking them for participating. However, to help drive direct sales, the remaining participants can win other packages as proposed by the client in form of discounted prices on other products.

Whether you want to bring more people to your shop or increase awareness of your business, with Geddit you can create memorable games to surprise and reward your customers.

Engage your customers Explore: Go out into the world and discover Geddits all around you, from favorite global brands, treasured local shops, or anywhere looking to.

Compete: Play against a diverse community of like-minded gamers in timed-competitions.

Challenge yourself with an endless array of simple games that are easy to play, challenging to master and different every time.

Celebrate: Every Geddit is an opportunity to win real-world prizes from your favorite brands!

Even if you don’t win the grand-prize, you can earn coupons and other special treats just for playing. The more you play the more you win. Compete to rack up the most point’s time for a chance to win even bigger prizes.


For the Client/Business:

  1. Generate store or online traffic
  2. Fully automated platform
  3. Connect consumers and brands
  4. Creation of Geddits wherever you like and whenever you like

For the Consumer/Customers

  1. Free entertainment app, win real prizes
  2. A social experience
  3. An exciting experience

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