INCREDIBLE! No VGMA ‘Group Of The Year’ – Board Explains

It could be boldness, assertiveness or sheer silliness on the part of the Board of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) to make such an unprecedented move – mulls!

For the first time in the history of the scheme, the VGMA Board and Charterhouse did not present the ‘Group of the Year’ category. In essence, for the first time in 23 editions, no group qualified and met the criteria to make it into the list, which caused the Board to scrap the category this year.

The spokesperson for the VGMA Board, Francis Doku has an explanation!

According to him, the decision not to present the category this year was based on the fact that, the relevance of music groups has dwindled, a situation he says, has persisted for the past years – and there’s been a push to drop that category.

He explained that the situation of music groups not being relevant persisted in the eligibility year of the 23rd edition of the awards; therefore, there was an overwhelming call by the Board to drop the category this year.

When he was prodded on the fact that, there’s no guideline (s) for the VGMA that states that, any category could be scrapped if no artiste(s) or song (s) meets the criteria, Mr. Doku responded that, the Board has the power to make changes to dynamics of the scheme, especially when it is related to categorization and nominations – citing examples of how the Board has altered various categories over the years.

This portal raised the issue of unfairness with such a decision, considering a group like R2Bees, which was active, dominant and relevant in the year under review. If one group, in this case, R2Bees, was the only active group that meets the criteria for the category, why not list that group in that category?

Mr. Doku responded that, the Board felt the category has lost its relevance this year and felt the need not to present any name for it.

The category definition for Group of the Year is;

The Best Group of the Year is the Artistes adjudged by the Academy, Board and the General Public as the group with the highest audience appeal and popularity. They must comprise of at least 2 or more members and must have released a hit single/album during the year under review.

Keche won the category last year!

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