IMPRESSIVE! Delays’ Show Opened Doors-Psalm Adjetefio

Psalm Adjetefio AKA TT

The veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT of Taxi Driver series fame who battled enlarged heart impediments has disclosed how surprised he was after he came on The Delay Show. observed.

Sam Adjeteyfio, in his interview with Kofi of Kofi TV, opened up on how grateful he was after the show.

According to him, the show opened so many doors and it was simply beyond his expectations.

Also, he was super impressed when his former students came together to pay him a visit. It turned out they all came not empty-handed.

The show led him to be receiving calls from all over the world and this has beaten his imagination on the goodness of the Lord.


He further disclosed that, it was not his intention to come public about his health but his condition was deteriorating hence his decision to come public.

While people he least expected help from showed up, he revealed that his friends ignored and blocked his number in his difficult moments.

TT said his predicament begun when he was diagnosed with a heart enlargement condition, leading to swollen feet.

He also revealed that he was consuming about 19 tablets on a daily basis but he is currently consuming between 7-9 tablets on daily basis.

Through productions like ‘Taxi Driver’, TT, as he is popularly called thrilled millions and brought smiles and laughter to many.

Watch the video below…

By Deborah Kotei

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