‘I Am Not Heartless, I Didn’t Go For Joyce Blessing’s Money’ – Kwasi Ernest Responds.

Celebrated Artist Manager, Kwasi Ernest, has issued a rebuttal over news making the headlines that, he went to collect performance fee from Zylofon Media-recording artist, Joyce Blessing, at a time when the artist was on her hospital bed after her involvement in an accident that occurred when the act was on her way, together with her entourage to perform at a musical concert organized by the Artist Manager.

Just minutes after famed blogger, Zionfelix of made a report quoting the Artist Manager confirming his decision to collect payment made to the songstress, Kwasi Ernest has responded to such reports, stating a different picture of proceedings to

In rubbishing the claim, Kwasi Ernest told, that, he is not heartless and did not go to Zylofon to demand any money paid to Joyce Blessing after her no-show at the ‘Bliss On the Hills’ music festival.

Joyce Blessing

“I am not heartless, I am not insensitive. I did not go to Zylofon Office to make any demands. I cannot do that,” he lamented.

He continued; “It is not even possible for me to walk to Zylofon Office, force my way through and demand for such payment. It is not possible.”

The Director for Media Excel, a record company and events firm, explained to what exactly transpired.

According to him, he engaged two top artists from the stables of Zylofon; Stonebwoy and Joyce Blessings and after the festival, which ended on December 26, 2017, he returned to Accra on the 27th of December and had a call from  Genevieve Cooper, the Business Manager for Zylofon – who requested for the final payment for Stonebwoy. After phone conversations on how they were going to meet and transact that deal, they finally met, under the directive of Genevieve, at the Zylofon Office, on December 30, 2017.

Kwasi and Joyce during their time at Media Excel

Kwasi Ernest claims, insisting on Genevieve as his witness that, he did not go to Zylofon Office to even discuss Joyce Blessing, but to hand over the final payment for Stonebwoy. It was during that transaction that Genevieve made the proposal to him to deduct Joyce Blessing’s part payment from Stonebwoy’s money and he did just that.

He talked of his surprise at how the story is being ‘spin’ especially persons from Joyce’s camp and he insists strongly that anybody that doubts his claims should reach out to Genevieve and he’s confident that, she would corroborate his story.

He went on to talk about the good faith he exhibited in contracting Joyce Blessing for the gig, in spite of the fact that, they have no official working relationship, yet, he still extends help to the artist, sometimes at the expense of his own signed artists.

Commenting on the report made by, Kwasi expressed his disappointment in the Editor, Adomako Felix (Zionfelix), stating that he had a private conversation with the writer and nowhere in their chat, did the writer make mention of publishing the story.

Zionfelix quoted Kwasi by writing; – he quickly saidthen please ask her why she abandoned my show and went to play in Takoradi.”

Kwasi Ernest stated that, Zion did no justice to their conversation and that, he had no problem with Joyce going to play a show in Takoradi before her move to come play his at Abetifi.

“As an Artist Manager, I have supervised my artists play two or three shows the same day, so that should not even be a problem,” he mentioned.

When reached out to ZionFelix, he also stated, that, he called Kwasi but he didn’t respond so he sent him messages, and he expected him (Kwasi) to know that, he (Zion) is a media man and was following up on a rumour, so,definitely, he was going to put up the story on the website to clear the assertions.


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