HOW TRUE? Showbiz Personalities On Gee Spot, Admits Sex Sells

Showbiz personalities, Sista Afia, Nina Ricchie, David Bolton and Krymi have alluded to the cliché “sex sells.”

On the second episode of Gee Spot with MzGee on Joy Prime (DSTV 281), female musicians Sista Afia and Nina Ricchie, who is signed under D-Black’s Black Avenue Muzik, lock heads with producer David Bolton and highly spiritual signee Krymi.

“I need money so obviously if I know something like that will sell, why won’t I go for it?” Sista Afia asked.

“Sadly it is true that sex sells,” Krymi added.

David Bolton also noted that “We’ve used sex to sell for decades.”

“They want to see buttocks, they want to see breasts, they want to see everything,” says Nina Ricchie, who has been accused of always exposing her boobs.

Don’t miss this episode of Gee Spot on Saturday at 6.30pm on Joy Prime, DSTV 281.

Source: Hitz FM

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