How my warehouse was completely burnt by ‘someone close to me’ – Nabil Alhassan

Event organizer Nabil Alhassan suspects his warehouse which was reduced to debris was the handiwork of someone close to him.

According to the Event Factory boss, although investigations are yet to be concluded, it is not far-fetched to suspect the incident was masterminded by someone he knows – reports!

“Obviously it will be somebody close to me. I’m not even finding out for myself. I finding out for people closer to me because if they can do it to me, they can do to everyone else,” he said on Hitz FM’s ‘This Is Gospel’ on Sunday.

“Investigations are still going on. We’re coming close. I don’t want to rush things. I’d like to take my time, make sure I find out who did that and even ask the person ‘what was your motivation to do what you did?’”

Detailing how the fire outbreak happened, Nabil Alhassan told host Franky5 that he was not at the venue when the incident occurred. According to him, he was informed by his assistant. Upon reaching there, he noticed the extent of the damage.

“On 25th December, I was setting up at Conference Centre for Rapperholic. There were some few delays so I went to D Black’s place for some time and I came home. I came with a colleague and I told him that we should just freshen up, lie down for like two hours and go back. About 9am, I had a call from my assistant that the warehouse is burning. I know the way the warehouse is structured so to have fire, if it is electrical, it will take a very long time for it to burn. I got into my car, put on hazard from my house to the warehouse,” he recalled.

“When I got there, in less than an hour, a whole warehouse was down. The fire ragging was crazy. I was like ‘this is not electrical nor negligence on the part of the boys’ because the boys were at the warehouse, they were packing for an event for Joe Mettle on the 25th so when they left the warehouse, that was when the whole thing happened… When you look at what happened, do the assessment and everything, you’ll realize that somebody was behind it.

“I have containers by the side of the warehouse. The fire burnt so much that it entered the container. It doesn’t make sense. The container that was locked. And there are spaces between the containers and the warehouse. The things that are there are mostly metal stuff. So for those things to burn to the point where you cannot salvage anything…” he further stated.

On how he has been deeply affected by the situation, Nabil mentioned that the damage caused him is inexpressible.

“That’s my only warehouse. I had everything in there. I even bought some new equipment. Those things came a week before the fire. I had two containers that I cleared,” he said.

Regardless of the gravity of the pain, Nabil said he is hopeful things will take shape. As he put it, “All is not lost.”

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