HONEST SINNER! Prince David Osei Has Zero Tolerance For Drama

Prince David Osei

Actor, Prince David Osei, has said that he will prefer to be called an Honest sinner than be a hypocrite to embrace mediocrity. noted!

This comes after he was criticized by many for his harsh words against Instagram star, Rosemond Brown.

The actor in a post on his Instagram page indicated that “I would rather be known in life as an Honest Sinner,than a Lying Hypocrite,I don’t have a short temper,I just have a low tolerance, for Hypocrites,Mediocrity and Drama..You can learn a lot from your mistakes when you aren’t busy trying to deny them…If some of us want to glorify stupidity and tomfoolery,well I won’t begrudge you at all…Hypocrisy is the worse kind of illness one can suffer… .”

He advised the youth to rather learn to get themselves approved rather go out half baked a cause a shame for themselves.

“To the youth out there,whatever you do study to show yourself approved that’s what the good book says never settle for sub-standard and mediocre…Have a beautiful day with God’s blessings..”.

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