What The Heck: Woman Turns Into Snake In Ghana

We are in such crazy times where the craziest things do happen.

According to a report by Peace 104.3FM News, the strangest thing has happened in Offinso in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, where a ‘half woman- half snake’ has been found.

In the report, a man was said to have received a lady visitor in his home at Offinso and he accommodated the lady in one of his rooms within his compound.

According to him, it rained heavily that very night and as a good host as he is; he decided to check up on his visitor only to be met with a strange sight.

The man claims that, when he entered the room, he saw that the lady was changing into a snake with her waist down to the legs all turned into a snake while his chest area and head remained human.

His shock caused him to call for help and many thronged to his home to view the strange spectacle.

At the time the report was filed, observers claimed that the human form was still altering into a snake.

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