HE STAYS IN U.K! Reasons Nii Kpakpo Was Replaced On TV3’s ‘Date Rush’

The premiere of the 4th season of TV3’s popular reality show, ‘Date Rush’ (which is based on the international dating game show, ‘Take Me Out’) was supposed to generate all the excitement and talk – was certain of this outcome.

The excitement was filtered with shouts of disapproval from viewers after it was announced that the ubiquitous Giovani Caleb would be replacing Nii Kpakpo Thompson as host.

In their search for answers on the decision of Media General, owners of TV3, not to bring Thompson back, the now former host, who was an integral part of the success of the previous season, sent out a tweet.

In his exacerbating tweet, Nii Kpakpo Thompson stated that the producers of the show had decided to go with another host – a comment that got many of his followers ‘attacking’ the TV Station for such a decision.

This portal, made its checks to unravel the core reasons TV3 severed ties with Nii Kpakpo Thompson on hosting duties for ‘Date Rush’.

Sources claim that Nii Kpakpo is now residing in the United Kingdom and that posed a big challenge to his coming back to the show.

Issues of flying him to and from UK for the entire duration of the season – considering the current uncertainty with COVID-19 restrictions, made it torrid for the two parties to come to some consensus for his return to the show.

The sources also intimated that, producers of the show, unlike the previous season, would be shooting the season live – creating another impediment for a host that now resides in UK.

The possible solution was for Media General to host Nii Kpakpo in Ghana – bearing the cost of his stay and upkeep in Ghana, plus his contractual fee as host of the show; a venture the station, in this critical circumstance of a pandemic cannot sustain, the sources claim.

Management of TV3 has decided not to offer any official communication on the matter.

The highly anticipated Season 2 of ‘Date Rush’ would be hosted by Giovani Caleb, who is yet to falter in any show – from his days at YFM, ETV, through to Starr FM, GhOne TV to 3FM and TV3.


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