GRAND! Aloe Vera to premiere in over 9 Francophone countries

Filmmaker Peter Sedufia’s romantic comedy Aloe Vera is expected to premiere in over nine Francophone countries.

This comes nearly a year after the movie’s premiere was put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.Taking to Instagram, Peter Sedufia stated that the movie will premiere on May 14, in the Canal Olympia cinemas – reports!

The cities premiering the movie includes Yaoundé 1 (Yaoundé), Bessengué (Douala), Tombolia (Conakry), Kaloum (Conakry), Idrissa Ouedrago (Ouagadougou)

Yennenga (Ouagadougou), Midè (Lomé), Wologuédé (Cotonou), Rebero (Kigali), Hippodrome (Niamey), Teranga (Dakar) and Larivo (Tannanarive).

“The list will be updated prior to release, hoping additional venues will be reopened,” Peter Sedufia wrote. ‘Aloe Vera’ was premiered in Ghana on March 6, 2020. However, because of the lockdown and the restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic, the movie did not stay in cinemas for as long as was planned.

About Aloe Vera

Divided by a line in one community is the families of Aloes and Veras. As sworn enemies who share a community, Aloes are taught to beware of Veras and vice versa.

No family is allowed to cross the line that divides the town and if anything of one faction makes it to the other line, it calls for a fight.

But what happens when the children of these sworn enemies fall madly in love. When the Aloe rejects the fellow aloe ‘chosen’ for him and decides to continue the path of forbidden love.

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