GOOD SHOT! Reggie Rockstone Defends Rosemond’s Inability To Speak Good English

Reggie Rockstone

Member of the Legendary Music Group, VVIP, Reggie Rockstone has asked Ghanaians to put an end to trolling people who cannot express themselves in the English Language. observed!

The Grand Papa of Hiplife, said this in defense of Rosemond Brown who has difficulty expressing herself but is working so hard to be recognized in all circles.

Reggie Rockstone indicated that other nationals including , the French, Japanes, Chinese do not have the English pressure on them and therefore there is the need for Ghanaians to put an end to trolling people who find difficulty in expressing themselves in English.

This is Rosemond Brown

An elated Rosemond Brown indicated that she was happy an astute entertainer has come to her rescue and said she will continue to keep it real.

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