GOOD NEWS! Film Classification Committee & GIBA Agree To Enhance Film Act

The creative industry, without a doubt, needs consultation and collaboration to surge it forward and thankfully, the Film Classification Committee (FCC) and the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) have resolved to work together for the purpose of elevating the industry – is excited too!

The FCC, which was inaugurated few months ago by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture and mandated to operate under the Development & Classification of Film Act, 2016 (Act 935) had issued a statement some weeks ago about the failure of media houses in submitting works for review and approval.

In view of such development, GIBA and the FCC met on Thursday, July 16, 2020 on how  to chart a way forward that is mutually acceptable to both parties with respect to the Film Act.

After the said meeting, the consensus reached are;

  1. 1. Parties agreed to set up a working group to draw up a framework to serve as guide for the purpose of operationalizing Act 935

2. Provision of guidelines to enable the FCC in the execution of their mandate in line with Act 935, while ensuring that they work in tandem with existing laws.

3. The Executive Council has the mandate of the general membership to intevene on their behalf in this matter and intends to follow all due processes to see that, there is a workable document that will not infringe on each other’s rights.

The Film Classification Committee is an instrument under the NFA with the purpose of classifying all audiovisual materials such as movies, television programmes and music videos among others for public viewing.

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