GOOD JOB! George Quaye Marks 1 Year on ‘Late Night Express’ on Joy FM

The ‘Late Night Express’ on Joy 99.7FM, under the command of George Quaye is a year old.

No affront to the team and presenter before George, but the late night show has seen some immense transformation in the last year and that’s indisputable.

The show, which was one of the well-listened-to shows on the dial during the early years of the station, lost its appeal, popularity and drive in the following years but in the last year, the show has its verve back – thanks to George Quaye.

The fact is; George is good. He’s had stints on radio before, as guest and stand-in presenter at Joy FM and as an anchor on Starr 103.5FM, so, the terrain was nothing new to him but – he was a novice to a soothing late night show.

How he was going to fare on such a new platform was a wonder to many but after his first ever performance on the ‘Late Night Express’, every iota of skepticism was thrown out of the door.

George took over the show, with an insight on how other high profile presenters had commandeered the show and he made it his, his show. With such swagger, skill and knowledge, George Quaye has indeed taken ultimate control of the show and it is telling.

It is just not his presence that has made the show a ‘hit’; there are other elements too.

As an experienced industry stakeholder who has virtually excelled in almost every task offered him; acting, event production, TV production etc., he gives his 100% and delivers.

George’s ability to promote the show on his personal social media platforms has been impressive. Since the announcement of his takeover of the show from Kofi Laing, George has never given his teeming followers rest. He’s ‘bombarded’ his followers and listeners with tidbits and updates on the show since the start and he does it with such ingenuity.

George and his legion of producers have been innovative with the show, coming up with such interesting themes that generates not just chatter, but enthusiasm among listeners.

His level of engagement has been splendid – an attribute that separates him from the bunch of other presenters.  George interacts and he does it with respect, class and expertise – and he takes feedback like a professional.

1 Year on and the show is reaping good fortunes and it’s expected to get better in the coming years!

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