GOOD INITIATIVE! Caroline Group To Commence Africa Educational Tour

International Boarding School Services (IBSS) a subsidiary of the Caroline Group has announced the dates for the upcoming Africa Education tour slated for November 23 to December 2, this year.

The tour will allow African families seeking boarding school opportunities for their wards of between 10 to 14 years to be able to do so.

While the ripple effect of Covid-19 is still surging; the Group assures that the tour is structured as a hybrid one where boarding school representatives that are unable to travel down to Africa will be able to connect with families virtually.

Speaking about the preparation ahead of the tour, Group head, Caroline Esinam Adzogble said, “I believe in perfectionism and coordination; most of all experience; so my team and I will be there to engage with all of these families and connect them to all these wonderful schools.”

Ms Esinam Adzogble who founded the major education conglomerate and has worked with education partners across over 70 countries.

“I work with so many wonderful partners with each bringing something very unique to the table and for African students; definitely they are all very special to,” she said.

According to her, Worcester Academy in Massachusetts is number 1 on the leader board right now.

“The school is a unique boarding school among it peers. They provide everything that a family could ever ask for in a boarding school,” she said.

“There is also Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam. Every family that I have connected to in Wayland so far always came back and said to me “why didn’t I find them sooner?” That sums up everything you should know about them,” she added.

Ms Esinam Adzogble also praised Northfield Mount Hermon which she said is so rich in history that – the academic pathway they provide for students and families is unparalleled.

Annie Wright Schools in Washington is the Group’s newest partner and it equally presents many exciting opportunities for participants.


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