GOOD GESTURE! Bisa Kdei Apologises For ‘media is fake’ tweet

Musician Bisa Kdei has apologised for saying the “media is fake” during a questioning and answering session with fans on Twitter – reports!

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz, on Hitz FM, the crooner said he knows some people are offended by the tweet although he had no intention to hurt anyone.

On Friday, Bisa Kdei responded to a fan’s tweet about why his songs are not getting airplay with the answer “it’s an agenda. They have taken some money to do that. If you love my music keep loving it. The media is fake #AskBisaKdei.”

Explaining how the tweet got online, the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker said his PA tweeted that without his approval.

Bisa Kdei said he was on set and had handed over the Q and A session to his PA.

He disclosed that he had given a specific answer to his PA to write as a response.

“I told him to tweet “yes some people in the media is fake,” but the part where he said somebody is being paid to not play the songs that wasn’t from me,” he told Andy Dosty, host of the show.

He said his PA had told him he had heard that rumour somewhere.Bisa Kdei added that he would not defend the tweet because it is his page. He issued an apology to people offended by his tweet explaining, “It was a mistake that we are trying to rectify…if I offended some people I plead that you forgive me.”

Bisa Kdei, however, insisted that there are some people in the media who have an agenda to destroy his career.

The ‘Brother’ hitmaker said as far back as 2016 people started discussing on air that his career had dimmed.

This, he explained, has been instilled in people’s brains, so even if he releases a new song which becomes popular those people still insist he has not been vibrant in the industry.

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