GOOD DEED! CEO, Nungua Ware House Saves Detained Patient @ Korle Bu Hospital

The detention of patients at medical facilities over lack of payment for treatment is prevalent in Ghana and the case of Oxwell Kito was no different, however, fortunately for Kito, he was saved by the benevolence of a man who has no connection to him whatsoever.

Dr. Collin Okley Otoo, the Chief Executive Officer for Nungua Ware House Company in Nungua, a suburb of Accra, paid the medical bill, an amount of 10,026.70 Ghc after Oxwell Kito was detained for 8 months at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Okley Otoo

The CEO came to the rescue of the patient, thanks to the intervention of the Assembly Man for the Krowor Municipal Assembly, Hon. Sebastian Ampah.

Oxwell was involved in a near murder situation which resulted in an assailant cutting off his hand completely. The victim was initially taken to the Lekma Hospital and then transferred to the Surgical Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

The Doctors were able to put the hand together and stitched it without any related complications but the inability of the patient to pay off his medical bill kept him at the Hospital for 8months.

Speaking to Hon. Sebastian Ampah, who led this initiative to save the patient, he stated; “The issue was brought to his attention by the family and some community members to assist the boy to be discharged since the bill was too huge for the family to pay. The family did all they can but could not raise the fund to release their ward.”

Hon. Ampah was able to his resources and connect to get Dr. Okley Otoo to come to the aid of Oxwell, who has since been discharged and now home.

The patient expressed appreciation for the CEO of Nungua Ware House Company and the Assembly Man for their efforts to get him out of the Hospital.

Hon. Ampah was accompanied to the hospital for the release of the patient by Mr. Jones Borteye Applerh, a Lawyer and CEO of Small Arms Commission, and Dr. Octavia Otoo of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Hon. Ampah with the patient

On behalf of Dr. Okley Otoo, the team made a clarion call to the youth to be responsible citizens and stay away from violence especially when the country approaches the General Elections on December 7, 2020.

Dr. Octavia Otoo with the patient

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