THE SAME GOD? Kintampo Waterfalls Tragedy An Act of God – Minister of Tourism

Among all the causes of a tragedy, it is quite unconventional for anybody to assign it to the act of God, but the Minister of Tourism, Arts&Culture and the Probe Committee of the disaster that claimed the lives of 22 students, think so.

Presenting the report to Parliament yesterday and observed by this portal,, the Minister, Catherine Afeku said that, despite the conclusion that the disaster was an act of God, other factors also contributed to the unfortunate event.

She denied that the Kintampo Waterfall was seized by the NPP vigilante group -Invincible Forces, a few months after the party came into power.

In a twist, the Chief of Kintampo lay blame on the lack of tour guides during the day of the tragedy, alleging that, the tour guides were sacked by some supporters of the NPP party.

The Minister stated that, the tourist site would be opened to the public in September.

She also stated that, safety audits are being carried out at other tourist sites after the Kintampo Disaster.

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