GO HOME! Akrobeto Counsels Dr. Bawumia To Have Time For His Family


With his funny English and serious face, Akrobeto has called on Vice President Dr. Mahamamudu Bawumia to spend more time with his family. www, has taken notice!

His comments were in reaction to remarks passed by the Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, in an interview- She is reported to have stated that her husband’s dedication to his work drives him to work extra hard.

According to a report by, the screen icon’s message was in reaction to comments passed by Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, during some interviews. She is reported to have stated that her husband’s passion and commitment to the nation drives him to overwork himself.

Samira Bawumia with her hardworking Husband.

Absolutely. I see the commitment. I see the passion in him. It has not waned. He is still that man who wants to serve his country and works for ridiculous number of hours” she stated.

She allegedly went on to say that, her husband’s role takes up most of his time, but he tries to spend time with his family whenever possible. She added that, usually, his meetings run deep into the night, but it is all in the interest of the nation.

Speaking on UTV’s programme, ‘The Real News,’ Akrobeto stated that Samira Bawumia’s message was coded and therefore needed to be understood.

Listen to how Akrobeto crafted his message to Bawumia;

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