HERE WE GO AGAIN! Confusion Over Don Moen’s Ghana@60 Performance


It is not the first time the internationally-acclaimed gospel musician, Don Moen, would be coming to Ghana to perform. He’s been in the country for both high and low-profile events but this visit is generating hysteria among Ghanaians.

The venerated singer has been billed to headline the 60th Anniversary Concert of the country, Ghana, and the announcement of his appearance has elicited a sharp divide in reactions among the Ghanaian music fraternity including stakeholders, gospel artists and music lovers and the populace in general.

According to the Committee for Ghana@60 Celebration, courtesy its Chairman for media and publicity, Jefferson Sackey; the coming of Don Moen is a private initiative and the cost is being handled by the private firm.


He asserts that, the firm had already hired the artist to come to Ghana and the idea was presented to the Committee, which took advantage and made it an official concert for the national celebration.

Critics of the move have questioned the rationale behind bringing an international act to headline the countyry’s independence anniversary.

They argue that, the country boasts of chart-topping acts that can headline any concert for the celebrations.

They have even labeled the move as disrespectful, inconsiderate and a slap in the face of the local music industry and local gospel artists.

Unfortunately, the Committee has been unable to disclose the private firm that originally contracted Don Moen and how much he’s being paid for his performance.

Critics are rubbishing claims by supporters of the move that, the government is spending nothing in bringing the artist down, considering the fact that; some money has been assigned for the Ghana@60 festivities.

However, supporters of the move claim that, there’s no big deal and that, it is germane to add some international class to our celebrations. They even argue that Don’s coming would also boost the country’s tourism.

Don Moen is expected to headline the concert on March 7 at the Independence Square, Accra.

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