Give Fred Nuamah A Break


Is it quite laughable that Founder of the Ghana Movie Awards, Mr. Fred Nuamah and his organization are undergoing some backlash from some movie stakeholders at a time when he is frolicking in France.

Whiles Executives of FIPAG and sections of the Actors Guild are frantically cussing Fred and threatening to pull out of the annual Ghana Movie Awards – he is smiling heartily on some red carpet at Cannes and doing some silly publicity stunt about some £5000shoes he claimed he bought and showcased on the carpet. In essence, Fred is saying, he has 99 problems but FIPAG and Actors’ Guild ain’t one (Apologies to Jay Z).

I am a friend of Fred Nuamah but not a fan to his antics when it comes to organization of the Ghana Movie Awards. Since its inception, the awards scheme has been fraught with issues with dreary organization, complaints over award prizes and the lack of total involvement of all stakeholders in the scheme.

In the last four editions, organizers are yet to hold one edition that has little or no controversies – before or after the event. Fred and some of his lieutenants, especially Prince Tsegah has also been lukewarm in how they respond to various issues that emanate from the awards scheme.

There’s some lack of priority when it comes to the Fred Nuamah and this whole scheme and top of the list is his participation in the Cannes Film Festival. I stand to be corrected but in the last years that Fred has been partaking in this festival, there’s has been no effect on our own awards. What is the point in going for Cannes every year when we see no bearing to our scheme? How does his participation help the industry? How does it affect the organization and planning of the awards? How does it help him personally as an organizer? Absolutely nothing!

With all that notwithstanding, I feel the exigency to defend Fred Nuamah against the recent badmouthing coming from FIPAG and some section of the Actors’ Guild in their bid to pull out of the awards. In my view, they are bigger jokers than Fred himself.

When I read the memo from FIPAG, what piqued my interest was the statement that, when new organizers of the awards are settled upon, the public will be informed. New organizers? For real?

I thought FIPAG has the capacity and resources to handle the awards itself. Why are they looking out for new organizers? Why can’t the group go out there, solicit for sponsorship and organize the awards? Why can’t they?

I can bet my last pesewa and I dare make a brazen challenge that when given the opportunity, FIPAG and the Actors’ Guild collectively can never hold the awards on their own – they simply cannot do it.

If they had the wherewithal to organize any awards scheme, they would have done so a longtime ago. Even in their respective units, FIPAG and the Guild are struggling to put things in order, talk lest of organizing a high-profile awards like the Ghana Movie Awards.

For holding the awards scheme for four consecutive years, Fred Nuamah and his group needs salutations and commendations. It is such a tall order to put up such a scheme yearly. The acquisition of sponsors for the show for hotel accommodation, transportation of nominees, press and international attendants, sponsors for the venue, stage and all the others is very difficult.

Undoubtedly, the Ghana Movie Awards comes with some teething problems and that is normal with major awards schemes across the world. Every awards scheme has issues – the most important thing is detecting the flaws and working on them to better the scheme in subsequent editions.

Fred Nuamah has goodwill and connections – the kind of connections that ensure that almost all nominees for the awards are present in the auditorium every year. His ability to get all the A-List actors from Ghana and rest of Africa to be present at the awards night is a plus.

His ability to promote the awards in the mass and social media is also a boon- from the radio/TV commercials to the gigantic signboards is attributable to Fred’s trust in effective promotion and marketing to propagate the scheme.

FIPAG and the Guild cannot even push their respective reforms and policies in the media properly, yet, they talk of boycott. They should try organizing ‘End-Of-Year’ parties at their offices where they will hand over awards to deserving workers and see how it goes. Even with their election of officers, garnering of sponsorship was a herculean task for the Executives and coordinating the many observers who thronged to Kumasi to witness the elections was tepid.

My suggestion or advice to FIPAG and the Guild is this: Instead of shouting and agitating for boycott of the Ghana Movie Awards, they should sit and dialogue with Fred Nuamah, identify the issues of the awards and strategically come out together with mechanisms that will ensure a better organization of the awards.

Last two years, MUSIGA raised issues about the handling of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and issued a long list of conditions for Charterhouse to adhere to. That list was rejected by Charterhouse and they told MUSIGA that; if they had any reasonable suggestions and inputs to make with regards to the awards – they should help with sponsorship. The result: MUSIGA sought quality sponsorship from various Ghanaian corporate firms which culminated in the presentation of cars to category winners – a move that has added value to the awards.

In the same vein, FIPAG and the Guild can support Fred Nuamah by helping with the organization of the awards – with regards to the sponsorship, collection and collation of movies for nomination, promotion and marketing as well as organization of the main awards night.

The talk of boycott won’t work, what will – is a collective effort by Fred Nuamah and the GMA Organization, FIPAG and the Actors’ Guild, in Kumasi, Accra and rest of the country in ensuring that we have a controversy-free Ghana Movie Awards.



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