THE GIRLS ARE SHOCKED! Joey B Has A Wife And They Didn’t Know?

Rapper, Joey B, has assumed the role of a ‘Ladies Man’ as long as his career has remained relevant but that tag got some severe jolt over the weekend after the artist sent out some tweets and noticed.

In a series of tweets, the rapper thanked some industry and non-industry folks who helped in ensuring that his new album, DarrylEP, saw the light of day but what has got many people talking was the shout out to his wife, Salma Jameelah.

Joey called Salma his wife as he thanked her for providing the skits to the album.

The reference of Salma as wife is generating some talk on social media, with some claiming they had no inkling to the union, while some are congratulating the ‘Sunshine’ singer, in spite of the seeming shock.

Some others have also been perusing through the archives feverishly to check when Joey and Salma got hitched and whether it made the news or not – and of course, others are sticking the opinion that, he only used the title wife to create some frenzy.

Joey B has released visuals to the single, ‘Sunshine’ off the DarrylEP (89);



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